some thoughts on a long drive


or maybe joy

bliss vs. joy - compare and contrast

second chances (and/or lack thereof)

bob mould: two car rides, 25 years apart

joy again, and it's relationship with stability

the size of my ribcage and its ability to contain it all

self-expression and the challenge therein

the smell of the night in new england in the summer and its relationship to my soul

being seen/not being seen

the baby, the baby, the baby, the baby, the baby, the baby, the baby

high fidelity

imaginary kissing at an imaginary party, furtive and strange, and how it would be a mistake

are all mistakes mistakes?

nostalgia for pregnancy

Eric and Tammy Taylor

how will my son ever understand how much I love him?

unrequited love

every day is like Sunday.  every day is silent and gray.

Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, Y/N

i actually am quite a romantic