what i did on my summer vacation

<i started writing this in September, I think I thought I'd eventually write something more substantial...but, what the hell, i'll just publish as is!>

at the beginning of the summer i committed to having a summah, to saying yes all summer long to whatever adventures come my way.  in the weeks leading up to the end of spring term i started feeling really anxious about my summer off, worried that i'd squander away my days.  well, i didn't piss away a single day.   

North Carolina

Beach.  Family.  Jesse, Ali, and Lu visiting.  What a way to start the summer!

New Hampshire

Abbott and I went to NH and visited with my family.  Sylvia and her family were there at the same time.  Overload of awesome!


This really ended up being a highlight and it's crazy because I almost didn't go.  A friend was celebrating his 40th birthday and organized a camping trip to Lassen.  Daniel and I drove down through central Oregon and camped in the van on the way.  Everything about this trip was totally incredible.  Camping with Daniel out in the middle of nowhere, watching the Perseid meteor showers, and talking was a total revelation.  I can't believe I almost didn't go because I felt like I needed to stay home and "deal with stuff".  (What stuff??  Who knows?) 

Oregon coast

Two days in a beautiful cabin in Oswald West park with Christy, Bryan, and Eamon.


The annual trip to Ashland with friends.  Late nights drinking amazing wine, rafting, and some spectacular plays.

Happy hours in the park, photo class, Abbott's gymnastics, Abbott's swimming lessons, selling the house