about a week before, daycare sent an email letting us know that they were going to have a party on valentine's da and encouraged us to send our kids to school wearing all red.  i got it in my head that i wanted AMK to have a special valentine's day shirt.  I looked around online and found a cute one that said "XOXO" on the front but I couldn't get it in time.  Then i remembered that my mom had given me a die cut machine for Christmas and thought, no problem, I'll make it myself!  It'll be easy!  I ordered some heat transfer material and planned to buy a red t-shirt over the weekend and throw it together.

I am here to say.  There are no plain red toddler shirts for sale anywhere in the Portland metro area.  Or white ones.

But at this point i was obsessed.  So i bought a pack of plain white onesies and cut off the bottoms


and  dyed two of them red (and one yellow and one green)


and then ironed on my "XOXO"


yes.  crazy.  i know.  but it was fun and it's hard to argue with results: