what i do

sometimes in all the chaos of life it is so easy for me to lose perspective in all kinds of ways.  I sometimes just feel like my days are this constant wash of just working, washing the dishes, putting the baby to bed.  i tend to focus a lot on all the things i feel i'm not doing -- getting my act together to go grocery shopping, cooking dinner, writing as much as I'd like, sending my thank you notes, etc.  today, though, i took a step back and looked at all this stuff i've been making and doing in the midst of a really, really challenging month (multiple sicknesses spread from family member to family member, disrupted sleep in the little one - and thus for me too, travel, my ongoing health problem, etc), i feel like whatever else i can say about myself i'm definitely not just sitting around watching tv and not making anything.

 socks for mom, in progress

socks for mom, in progress

Knitting was my first love, craft-wise.  I taught myself to knit a little while after graduating college as a way of forcing myself to slow down and to have something to do with my hands and my nervous energy.  I knit at a snails pace these days because I have so many other things competing for my attention but i usually do have a project or two going.  I finished (except for grafting the toe) one of a pair of socks for my mom in time for christmas.  want to take bets on whether i finish the other one before her birthday in August?


Quilting and even sewing in general are pretty new to me.  I've tried sewing in fits and starts since I was a young girl in 4-H but always got really frustrated by it because it seemed so slow and fussy.  Then I spent ten years knitting and when I tried sewing again it was intoxicating because it seemed so fast.  A sewing project that takes a weekend might have once seemed intolerable to me but after spending a year or more working on a sweater it now seems speedy.  This little "scrappy lone star" quilt is something I'm working on for myself, for a change.  I almost never keep anything I make.  I'm almost done with the quilt top on this.  I'll probably finish it up tomorrow or the next day.


I recently decided to try doing crewel and got this lovely kit to give it a whirl.  Because, you know, I really need another hobby.  I'm really enjoying working on it and I'm honestly surprised at how well it's coming out.  It's great to work on at night while I'm watching a movie or tv.


I've also been making it into the gym at least 3 days a week, when norovirus isn't getting in the way.  I love it so, so much.  It's still a little frustrating that I've lost so much in terms of strength and mobility since before I got pregnant.  I'm getting there though!

I've also been making time to see friends and do fun social things at least a couple times a week.