Last year i started this blog by participating in Reverb11, a month of writing prompts.  I was looking to get reinvigorated this year by participating in something like that again but, thus far, I haven't found a set of prompts to respond to.  I'm going to attempt to post something every day in december and, i hope, at some point find a good set of prompts to respond to.  Until I do, I'm just going to wing it.  

Today I went to the Xtabay fashion show with Juliet and a crew of lovely ladies.  A benefit for Cascade AIDS Project, the fashion show was a blast.  I feel a profound sadness that I don't have any occasion to wear a gown.  I would wear the shit out of some gorgeous vintage gowns if I had a reason to.

I've decided to do this squat challenge so I did my 20 squats today in addition to a great workout at recreate fitness and I've been trying to do a little yoga and/or stretching every evening in the PM after Abbott is in bed.  

today's song: