snap, snap

I've been taking a great photography class, a class as much about seeing as about f-stops, and it's been a great way to kick the summer off.  Giving myself permission to do this creative, expressive thing has been amazing and I'm only a week into the class!  Something in me must have known I was in need of this permission and that's why I signed up but I didn't consciously realize how closed off i have been to admitting in the smallest of ways that i longed to make time for creativity.  i guess my continued attempts to write here are one way that i've admitted this but writing has always been something that feels really comfortable to me.  I'm so verbally expressive that words just a way that the camera has stopped feeling.  in high school and in college you would rarely find me without my camera and i loved the feeling of releasing a moment -- that's how it's always felt to me, rather than capturing a moment -- releasing a moment from time.  the feeling of seeing and of translating that seeing.  but over time i became a snapshot-ist and barely that.  taking photos again as a means of expression, with creativity as a stated goal, is breathtaking in a way I never could have imagined.  It's strange to me how risky it feels to me -- just to walk around the block taking pictures!  

here are the photos i've taken for class so far (click to advance):