summer of bridgewater (aka having a summah)

i've just spent way too long looking for something on the web that encapsulates Howard Kremer's summah philosophy but I'm realizing that, like many great philosophies, it's not actually something that can be summed up in one quote or even one video.  i've come to understand this "have a summah" ethos by listening to Who Charted? and I'm on board. i'm saying "yes" to everything this summer.  i'm grabbing summer while it's here and living it.  I'm going to get in the pool every chance i get (in this year's suit) and i'm going to see my friends and get sand everywhere and stay up late and not worry about my precious "down time" (there's time for that in non-summah).  I have the summer off.  I'm a grown-up with the summer off.  I mean, i have a freaking responsibility to do this thing.  

the owner of my gym started calling this the "Summer of Bridgewater" when I told him I had the summer off and I've grabbed onto that, too.  So, what do you want to do this summer?  Let's go do it!